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Flooring Installation Calculator

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Please select additional services you would like to be done:
Carpet/pad $0.50 x SF
Vinyl $2.00 x SF
Floating floors $1.00 x SF
Hardwood floating $2.00 x SF
Hardwood nailed or glued $5.50 x SF
Tile $5.00 x SF
Stone $6.00 x SF
Hardibacker $3.00 x SF
Baseboards $1.00 x LF
Remove Toilet $60.00 x Each
Remove pedestal sink $60.00 x Each
Move Appliances $70.00 x Each
Furniture move standart $0.5 x SF
Furniture move heavy $0.7 x SF
Optional installation
Hardibacker, Ditra, Cork underlayment $3.00 x SF
Apply sealer $2.00 x SF
Tile & Stone border $10.00 x LF
Undercut stone $20.00 x LF
Bullnose Edges $20.00 x LF
Dust control plastic protection $200.00 x
Moisture barrier protection $2.00 x SF
Stairs installation
Stairs laminate and hardwood (box steps, both sides closed) $50.00 x LF
Stairs laminate and hardwood (open one side) $70.00 x LF
Stairs laminate and wood (open both sides) $90.00 x LF
Stairs tile/stone (box steps, both sides closed) $90.00 x LF
Stairs tile/stone (open one side) $120.00 x LF
Stairs tile / stone (open both sides) $160.00 x LF
Moldings installation
Labor moldings (T- moldings, reducers, threshold, scribes) $10.00 x Each
Labor baseboards paint grade up to 4” $5.00 x LF
Labor baseboards paint grade over 4” tall $7.00 x LF
Painting baseboards $2.00 x LF
Tile baseboards $8.00 x LF
Stone baseboards $20.00 x LF
Rubber cove base $4.00 x LF
Labor paint grade base shoe $4.00 x LF
Labor stain to blend base shoe $6.00 x LF
* Concrete grinding $80 per hour
* Leveling floors. $80 per bag
* Floor prep standard
* Limited parking or high-rise building $100
* Heavy duty furniture call for quote
Total cost: $