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I felt that straight away CA Floors knew what I wanted in my kitchen and that I was going to get it without paying too much money. They were able to suggest where to put things like cupboards and drawers which was very helpful. It has changed our lives, even though the kitchen isn’t in the center of the house, it has become the center of our lives. Today I was talking to my hairdresser and she asked if I could recommend a kitchen company and I recommended CA Floors.

Erika, Mira Mesa

I found CA Floors online, I was really looking for something I could design myself to fit into the space that I needed. I have two kids so I wanted it to be child safe while also very aesthetically pleasing. I went to a few other places that were double the price of what CA Floors were able to give me. I wanted to use my own plumber for the sink but used their electrician and their installers themselves came in and did everything, which was just fantastic.

Cayce, Orange County

When I was looking for someone to renovate my kitchen I looked at several companies and then came back to CA Floors because the staff was so helpful. They were very capable and knew exactly what they were doing. Out of all of the companies I’ve seen they have been the easiest to understand in layman’s terms. I have recommended CA Floors to my friends as I found their service to be excellent. They were very patient, pleasant, listened to all of my concerns, and I found that the service after my kitchen was also excellent.

Margaret, San Clemente

We were just thinking about renovating our kitchen and I saw CA Floors and thought that they would be a good choice. They worked with me and let me decide on my own pace with no pushiness. I would say I got excellent value for my money with equal or superior quality to other places I’ve seen. It seemed like an effortless process, which was very pleasing because I didn’t want to be told what to do, only have my ideas improved.

Ana, Irvine

The Largest challenge with my kitchen is the lack of space and that the stove and cooking center was in a very tight place. CA Floors helped with the process by making suggestions as to where things should be placed. What I like best is how they utilized this small area to make it seem more spacious, yet everything you need is close at hand.

Jenna, Oceanside

With other companies my experience was generally okay, but I found a few of them were a little dismissive of my ideas and even went as far as to tell me what they thought instead. CA Floors used their experience to help and guide me towards what the right choices were to help blend my vision with their expertise. We didn’t have loads of money to throw on a kitchen but CA Floors made it happen through their experience.

Ashley, San Marcos

My experience with CA Floors is excellent! They took all of my ideas and told me what’s feasible and what’s not. It was never a problem to do what needed to get done… it was just easy. They even suggested things I otherwise wouldn’t have thought about and made use of space I didn’t think usable. CA Floors is one of those companies that will always be in my repertoire and that I will be using again.

Karen, La Jolla

I had a very good experience with CA Floors. I found that they were very professional and on time. The workmanship was excellent, the tradespeople were excellent, just nothing was a problem. I recommend CA Floors constantly to people who need new flooring done. I found the services great, I found them honest and I found that they really wanted to do a good job.

Josh, Poway

CA Floors was great because it could supply all kinds of cupboards and drawers that would fit my kitchen. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, but it was good having experienced people to help us. We were on a pretty tight budget but I thought the value for the money we paid was excellent.

Mike, Carlsbad